Congratulations to all of our 2022 Redford Center Stories Challenge participants and winners!

From calls to action around protecting our oceans and wildlife to proposed solutions on deforestation and recycling, get inspired and take a look into the bold and hopeful future of environmental justice illustrated by these young and proud storytellers and activists.


Watch the 2022 Winning Films


Meet our 2022 Winners

2022 Stories Challenge Winner (overall):

Enviousby JB Brown (left) and Piper Luckey (right), supporting educator Robert Zorn (12th Grade)


Junior Environmental Storyteller Award:

Rockin’ and Rollin’’ by Sophia Legutko (left) and Joe Legutko (right), supporting educator Elisabeth Ledwell (11th Grade)


Youth Environmental Storyteller Award:

Eco Forest by Ruby Matthews (left), Alexandra Janiszewski (middle), and Zion Ladigbolu (right), supporting educator Allison Kohler (6th Grade)


Imagining the Future Award:

Rewind by Melenie Camacho (left), Maria Riggs (right), Sophia Valencia (left), and Jacob Prieto (right), supporting educator Mindy Philips (8th Grade)


Environmental Champion Award:

Our Choice‘ by Sofia Rubcich, supporting educator Jamie Baron (5th grade)


Youth Activist Award:

Drag Fishing is Such a Drag by Aiden Arriquive (left) and Nathan Flores (right), supporting educator Mindy Philips (8th grade)


Nautilus Prize for Science and Nature:

Wild Fires by Maija Mitosinka (left), Ella Strahm (middle), and Leighton Smith (right), supporting educator Brian Phillips (6th Grade)


Environmental Educator Awards:

Stephanie Tybinka (left) and Sarah Ferner (right) (co-teachers, 5th grade) & Jamie Baron (5th grade)