What is Redford Center Stories

Redford Center Stories is a learning and storytelling initiative providing educators and students with dynamic, integrative, no-cost tools to actively engage in the movement for environmental justice, protection, and repair, and develop their capacity to have a vibrant impact as storytellers elevating their visions and voices for a more just, hopeful, healthy world.  This initiative supports educators in bringing an environmental context and content to any class and brings educators and students into dialogue with youth activists, filmmakers, and environmental and social justice leaders to create a learning community at the nexus of joy for learning, transformational storytelling, and global justice. With this project, The Redford Center expands its focus on impact-driven storytelling and the power of narrative, understanding that every person, at every age, already is an environmentalist, storyteller, and agent of creative community and positive change. 

Redford Center Stories invites young people (particularly those in 5th-12th grade) to join a journey of learning that builds confidence for learning across any subject and puts them in the director’s seat to discover and articulate their wisdom as authors of humanity’s collective narrative.  As well as digital materials, and a year-long interactive online learning community, this project provides creative/design mini-challenges to help students explore their local and global environment, and support for helping students create 90-second iMovie films about an aspect of environmental justice that is particularly meaningful to them.





James Redford Launches the Redford Stories Project, 2019





ABOUT THE REDFORD CENTER:  Co-founded in 2005 by Robert Redford and his son James Redford, The Redford Center uses the power of storytelling to galvanize environmental justice and regeneration. Its cross-cutting programs support environmental storytellers and invest in impact-driven narrative strategies. By amplifying and changing the conversations around environmentalism, The Redford Center aims to engage a much broader and more diverse population in the movement. It has produced three award-winning feature documentaries and 30+ short films, supported 75+ film and media projects with grants and other services, inspired 400+ student films, and dispersed more than $8 million to fiscally sponsored projects. Redford Center film impact campaigns have halted the construction of dirty coal plants, reconnected the Colorado River to the Sea of Cortez, and helped accelerate the clean energy revolution in America. To learn more, visit RedfordCenter.org or follow The Redford Center on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Vimeoand YouTube.