As a public offering in connection with The Redford Stories Project, join Redford Center filmmakers, educators, youth activists, and organizations working on the frontlines of change, for a series of “Meet the Moment” conversations to energize and amplify solutions for environmental justice, projection and repair.  Full programs detail coming. For now, join us for a kick off event this week and explore civic engagement, impact-driven storytelling and youth action…


MEET THE MOMENT: Power the Vote

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 4:00-4:45 PST

Join filmmakers and youth activists for a special viewing of four of The Redford Center’s Power the Vote films, and a discussion on Environmental Justice, Restoration and Repair as the Reason to Vote. These films serve as an invitation for viewers to become civically active and help shift perceptions on what it means to be an environmentalist and what it means to be a voter.


Films: Just a Scroll; Power the Vote with Detroit Hives; Ablaze; Fighting for Madre Tierra


  • Moderator – Cultural Strategist James Kass
  • Filmmaker – Andrew Oh, Just a Scroll
  • Filmmaker – Samuel Mirpoorian, Ablaze
  • Filmmaker – Pita Juarez, Fighting for Madre Tierra
  • Filmmaker – Rachel Weinberg, Power the Vote with Detroit Hives
  • Student Activists – Eloise Sent and Amy Salama
  • Youth Activist – Jasmine Berger, Princeton University student

Platform: Zoom Webinar (Link to join:

And learn more about The Redford Center #Power the Vote effort HERE.

Each film covers at least one or more of six inspirational storytelling threads pulled from Culture Surge’s recently launched Storyteller’s Guide to Changing the World:

1. “Together, we have power”: Stories of personal & collective power
2. “There is abundance”: Stories that show there’s more than enough for everyone
3. “We lead by caring about each other”: Stories of people collaboratively leading the way to make change, that show people caring about each other and their communities
4. “We deserve joy”: Stories of joy and self-care
5. “We all belong”: Stories of our common mission, that show we all belong and have value
6. “Curiosity is the path to our best future”: Stories of curiosity about each other and society, stories of people asking bold questions about the future they want to build