New This Year

  • Free and flexible 10 lesson (+ bonus lessons) curriculum for educators across all subjects (with standards), and that can also be used by community organizations, learning hubs, parents at home 
  • Expansion of participant ages to include 5th-8th graders (ages 10-14); with application/accessibility for 9th-12th
  • Incorporation of Redford Center original/sponsored films and filmmakers as an essential part of the curriculum
  • Mini-Challenges that cultivate confidence, uplift student visions/voices, support the Final Youth Film Challenge
  • Year-long Learning Community bringing educators, students, filmmakers, youth activists and environmental justice leaders into dialogue (“Meet the Moment” Series)
  • Expanded partnerships and collaborator involvement
  • Inclusion of Youth Activists and Youth Council Meetings
  • Redford Center Stories Office Hours highlighting teachers and supporting technology use/project creation
  • Celebrations for all participating students in April 2021





Redford Center Stories is a learning and storytelling initiative providing educators and students with dynamic, integrative, no-cost tools to actively engage in the movement for environmental justice, protection and repair, and develop their capacity to have vibrant impact as storytellers elevating their visions and voices for a more just, hopeful, healthy world.  This initiative supports educators in bringing an environmental context and content to any class, and brings educators and students into dialogue with youth activists, filmmakers, and environmental and social justice leaders to create a learning community at the nexus of joy for learning, transformational storytelling and global justice.  With this project, The Redford Center expands its focus on impact-driven storytelling and the power of narrative, understanding that every person, at every age, already is an environmentalist, storyteller, and agent of creative community and positive change. 

This year, the Stories Project invites young people (particularly those ages 10-14) to join a journey of learning that builds confidence for learning across any subject, and puts them in the director’s seat to discover and articulate their wisdom as authors of humanity’s collective narrative.  As well as digital materials, and a year-long interactive online learning community, this project provides creative/design mini-challenges to help students explore their local and global environment, and support for helping students create 90-second Apple Clips films about an aspect of environmental justice that is particularly meaningful to them, for showcase in April 2021.