Project Resources

More than a stand-alone curriculum, the Redford Center Stories Project is designed to inspire and celebrate student learning that occurs at the intersection of environmental justice, transformational storytelling, joy for learning, and community, and to amplify and elevate youth visions and voices.  In addition, it is designed in collaboration with diverse partners doing incredible work to advance global justice, and environmental protection and regeneration. 

Each lesson in the 2020-21 curriculum includes a variety of extensions and resources, and we are compiling some further outside resources here.  These materials can be accessed for more background for educators and students, and as further inspiration for different ways of activating change through the power of narrative and impact-driven storytelling.  And we’d love to know anything else you are particularly enjoying and might suggest adding to the to the list below (email us at:

Integrated Films (impact campaigns)

Collaborating Partner Resources

Additional Resources

Materials Use and the Circular Economy (the 2019-2020 theme)


Apple Clips Resources For Students and Teachers

Just for teachers

  • Apple Teacher Learning Center: self-paced professional learning program where teachers can learn apps, build skills and earn badges that has sections for How to Use Clips and Ideas for Using Clips
  • Search #ClassroomClips on Twitter to see how teachers are sharing projects.


Some Video Inspirations